Welcome, World!

Hey, everyone! My name is Olivia, this is my blog, and we are starting off this journey with a terrible run-on sentence and a case of inception- blog style. (In case that wasn’t funny and made no sense to you, see picture above.)

All sentences and pictures aside, allow me to introduce myself in the best way possible by doing what I do best. Rambling.

So, I’m no stranger to the Internet. When I was 13, I started a Youtube account and posted terrible videos of me singing covers because I thought I was good and could be Hannah Montana. When I was 16, I started a Tumblr account to post a life lesson that I learned everyday because apparently I thought I was a philosopher. When I was 18, I started Instagram and posted what I considered to be artsy pictures of water bottles, coffee mugs, a pair of earrings, you name it, because I thought I was a photographer.

Now, some odd years later, here I am starting a blog because with the intention of it being a way less futile attempt than the ones mentioned above because…well, why not?

I really wish I could tell you what I want this blog to be about without being all cheesy and telling you some sort of sentimental story or going on about my interests and goals, but somehow every time I have sat down to write this post, I do anyways.

So here we go.

I love your typical girly things like makeup and fashion, and I do some regular granny activities like baking.  My faith is also an important and integral part of my life, and I would love to share my stories in faith with others.

I have always had crazy dreams in this little head of mine (See paragraph above where I talk about thinking I could be like Miley Cyrus circa 2006). I want to help people and give back; and one of my greatest desires is to make people happy and always be happy too, even in adversity.

I think uniqueness is one of the best qualities that any person possesses.  Why try to be a part of the crowd, when you can stand out for a good reason?  God created us all perfectly unique in the best ways for His best purposes!  I try to embrace that, and I am very aware that I am unique in many ways, hence the name Uniquely Olivia.

I think that this blog is best described to be about life and a very girly life at that. So, this is a lifestyle blog. Incredibly basic, right?

I know that this post wasn’t exactly thrilling, but I felt that an introduction was the best way to start.  I also figured I should be polite. Lol.  I hope that you will stick around for the next few weeks to see what rolls out here.   No matter where you come from or where you find yourself to be, I welcome you.

That being said, I will also let you go because this has turned into close to 500 words of pure rambling. I wasn’t kidding when I said that it’s what I do best.

I hope that you will enjoy what you see on this blog and join me on my journey of becoming nobody else but me.

Thanks for stopping by! Welcome to my blog.

Commit your work to the Lordand your plans will be established.” Proverbs 16:3 




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